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Wisconsin law firm provides focused assistance with all contract matters

Contracts are really the essence of much of what we do.  Real estate transactions, financing documents (notes, mortgages, etc.), leases, trusts, marital property agreements, all of those documents are basically contracts.  While attorneys draft contracts at the direction of their clients to achieve specific purposes, it is generally the case that clients focus on certain key points in a contract and disregard the rest as mere “boilerplate.”

This disconnect between attorneys and their clients happens because, for the most part, attorneys do not draft contracts to be understood by their clients.  Based on their knowledge of law, experience with previous agreements and command of the language (including grammar and punctuation), they draft contracts so that they can be understood and interpreted by other attorneys and by judges (if it comes to that).  Certain words and phrases have specific meanings to lawyers and judges (just like other professions have their “jargon”).  They are used with knowledge of the legal meaning in order to convey a concept that  might otherwise require an extensive explanation.

As a result, the contract drafting process (which in some cases, rises to the level of art, for those who appreciate such things) is generally not intended to be readily understood by those not educated in the language of contracts.  For that reason, clients must place great trust in their contract-drafting counsel to be sure that the agreement, as written, clearly reflects their wishes and is properly written to protect their interests in way that they may not be actively aware of.

We take great pride in our contract drafting skills and in our ability to efficiently and intelligently negotiate contract terms with attorneys for other parties.  If you need that kind of attention for your contracts, give us a call.

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