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Wisconsin Business Formation Attorneys Get Your Company Started Right

Milwaukee law firm works to build your business

We really enjoy working with entrepreneurial people.  By nature, lawyers tend to be conservative.  We love do deal with people who have new ideas and a desire to succeed.  Sometimes our conservative considerations are needed to bring a dose of reality to a good idea that may need some direction.  However, we are entrepreneurs as well.  Operating a small law firm is certainly an entrepreneurial activity.

Moreover, having advised numerous other small businesses owners and being small business owners ourselves, we have had experience with most of the issues that come up in a business operation.  From choice of entity (sole owner/d-b-a, limited liability company, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, partnership, limited partnership, joint venture) we have done them all.  We can talk about the pro’s and con’s of each type of entity and what best fits your situation.  Then we can prepare and file the necessary documents to get you started.

We can also help with issues that arise once the business is up and operating, including vendor contracts, employment agreements, purchase or sale of assets, business leases, financing and the like.  Small business is our business.  Give us a call if we can help yours.

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